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About Preservation

*at this time, it is a minimum of 6 month turn around - please call to schedule a time to drop off your flowers *


The Freeze Dry Process is the best known technology to preserve your flowers’ color and natural beauty. 

Upon arrival, your bouquet is photographed for our reconstruction records. Then, it is gently dismantled, bloom by bloom and prepared to be freeze-dried.


Prior to being freeze-dried, flowers are gently laid out on trays and are kept frozen. Once inserted into the freeze dry machine the flowers undergo a 21-28 day cycle. This process allows for the flowers to retain their texture and and as much natural color as possible, however, color can change during this process.


Once removed from the freeze dryer, the flowers are reinforced with stem wiring, airbrush tinted where appropriate, and a post treatment for longevity is applied. A designer will reassemble your bouquet to your chosen design. After assembly, your design will be sealed in its frame

Flower Care Advice


The fresher your flowers are when they arrive at our store, the more beautiful they will be as a finished piece. 


Prior to drop-off, be sure to keep the stems of your flowers in water and (ideally) in the refrigerator. 


If you have extra flowers from centerpieces that match your bouquet, it may be helpful to send some of them along incase you'd like to add additional keepsakes for family or friends.


If you would like a memento, such as an invitation, photo, tribute or other such item included in your frame, please drop those off with your flowers as well.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions and to schedule a time to drop off your flowers. 978-979-3168

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